Sarah Fountain #FriendblogFriday

Today, #FriendblogFriday is happy to welcome the wonderful Sarah Fountain.

Sarah Fountain is a professional graphic designer and illustrator, who specialises in design for children. She studied a BA (hons) in Illustration at Camberwell College of Arts from 2003-2006, part of the University of Arts London. During her time at Camberwell she learnt how to love colour, how it works and how it can be manipulated. Alongside a love of print-making Sarah started exploring how to illustrate picture books and write stories with colour, shape and texture at their core. Since then, she have been lucky enough to build a wonderful career in children’s publishing.

In the following piece, Sarah provides us with a window into her world, during the global pandemic.

‘’Working Mum’’: A term never more relevant

Our family, like so, so many are currently on a never-ending treadmill of lockdown working and homeschooling, washing the shopping and snack-providing, stress and anxiety management, and then also the normal stuff too … Like, washing clothes, hoovering as much as can be tolerated and trying to avoid standing on Lego pieces and Hot-Wheels.

There is also a new thing in our house, iPad management. That one is tough – having always been very anti-children-on-tablets in our house. Oh, we also caved and decided to add Disney+ to our arsenal, although I actually think I am the main winner there …

Anyway, I haven’t written a post on here since before the lockdown. A few reasons, partly because I have been feeling my way with everything. I avoided the news for a few weeks as it was just too much, I took social media breaks and also took time to get into the new normal of us all, Noel, me, Sidney and Harriet all being home, altogether, all of the time.

What I want to talk about in this post is how this pandemic and lockdown is becoming more and more politicised as each day goes on. I try to read news that is as unbiased as I can find it, although you will find me naturally migrating towards the left in my choice of sources.

However, this week one thing seems to have absolutely everyone’s backs up, in a way I can only compare to the pressure of breast-feeding vs. bottle-feeding, is whether or not our children should go back to school in June, and then, which children it should be.

Sidney is 5, in Reception, and therefore eligible to go back to school should it be open, and should he be offered a place. I’ll be honest here, there is so much of me that really wants to get him back to school. He gets bored and frustrated at home, and he misses his friends very much. I suspect that at best, he would