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Signed Sealed Delivered!!!

I am delighted to announce that I have now signed up with Tiny Tree Books for a series of

child mental health picture books, the first which is now available for pre-order by following

This first book, ‘Where is My Smile?’ is to be released on the 14 th of July, and looks at the

importance of recognising feelings or happiness and sadness in others. It reminds us to look

for the positives within each new day.

(Link to press release

It’s often the simplest things that can bring a smile to.

My favourite things about this book include:

  •  Working with Tiny Tree, as they are so passionate about children’s book and creativity, and we have become like one big family.

  •  The illustrations. Wow! Hannah Jesse is so unbelievably talented and has a bright future ahead of her. The way she can capture sentiment in facial expressions and what she chooses to show and leave out, it’s a real skill.

  • It has a wonderful quote from one of our first proof readers, the wonderfully talented Gyasi Sheppy, CBeebies presenter and mental health advocate in this own right.

  •  It encourages conversations with our children, and has a whole raft of amazing digital resources for you to download.

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