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Create Space

Welcome to the Createspace, the flower garden of my mind. A tangle of invention and creativity. A wild and wonderful space.

Here, every idea has a chance to stretch and grow,

naturally and unhindered. Unforced. Unguided. 

Some ideas will grow shoots and claw their way toward the. sun, others may prefer the shadows. But every single one, a vital and necessary part of the creative process. 


I'm pleased to report that mummy monster has arrived safely at #lollipoplodge, and received a very warm welcome. She's made herself at home & tells me her book, #MyMummyisaMonster will be released in four weeks' time.

Kindread souls

A song written during the COVID 19 Lockdown. Dedicated to our frontline heroes, and those who have lost  lives & loved ones, 

The Solar Flame Experience

The intergalactic journey of the starship Solar Flame, and it's precious cargo, the four princesses of Avalon. Fleeing from the destruction of the Mala Centauri, they set sail for the mythical planet of Earth. But their mission tears a hole in the fabric of space and time, allowing dark forces to pass through the breach and putting the blue planet in terrible danger. Can they save this new world from a similar fate? 


In the faraway world of Bubton, further, than your wildest dreams, live the most fascinating creatures Imaginable. Born in a bubble. They are the fruit of the great Baobub tree, from whence they are named. Can you guess what they are called? Why, Yes! The Bubs, of course. 

Bubs are industrious, clever little things. They invented the alphabet; created it in their own image using the letters on their tummy pouches. These letters tell us to which species they belong. There are twenty-six types of Bub and many hundreds of subspecies. All are inherently powerful, each with their own unique talents, traditions, and personalities. 

Image by Aditya Vyas

Winter Chills:

Ghostly Tales for Cold Nights Kindle Edition

In the spirit of seasonal ghost stories, this wintry collection will send a tingle down your spine, but may also warm your heart.

Six short stories range from waiting for a mysterious midnight train, attending a party with an unexpected guest, a life-changing reunion for a miserable family, receiving a holiday greeting unlike any other, a visit from an unusual group of carolers, and a journey through a blizzard with a twist. 

Grab a blanket, your favorite hot drink, and settle in for some Winter Chills.

Stories included:
By D.B. Carter: Departures and Arrivals
The Christmas Card

By Derek R. King: Defying Convention

By S.J. Lomas: The Holiday Party
The Carolers

By Natalie Reeves-Billing: Go With the Wind