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Bernie and Boatie

‘Bernie and Boatie’ is a special picture book written in a rhyming format, jam packed full of vibrant illustrations and things to find within the pictures. Written for The Boat of Hope Child Mental Health Campaign, ( the book follows a 7 -year-old Bernie Hollywood OBE as he navigates the ocean in his trusty boat, Boatie to get to the magical island 3000 miles away.

This story, of course, refers to the epic challenge Bernie will face in December 2022 as part of the Talisker Atlantic challenge when Bernie will do a 90-day solo row to raise awareness of the serious issues of child mental health, before a global audience of 950 million.

All proceeds from my book go towards our beneficiaries the Samaritans and Love Rowing charities, and will help us install the UK’s very first child mental health network in our high schools.

A few facts about the book

Bernie and Boatie is very special to me for so many reasons. I will try to list some of them. below. *Please know, when you purchase a copy of this book, you are not only receiving a beautiful book full of facts and discovery, but you are also opening up a conversation with young people, helping them to navigate their mental health, and contributing to our fundraiser to save as many young lives as we can.

  • The book was a team effort and included feedback and content from 30 people and organisations

  • It was made into several animations, one narrated by Liverpool’s very own Melanie C.

(Link to Mel C press release)

  • Bernie and Boatie features the likeness of some of our most iconic Liverpool buildings and people, see if you can spot them!

  • Mersey Ferries granted us special permission to use the likeness of their most iconic ferry within the pictures.

  • Our Boat of Hope was given a special dispensation to be called The City of Liverpool and bear the crest and the name of the city. That crest is proud inside our book, alongside our own reworking of the Liver birds.

  • Everton and Liverpool sports fans alike will be pleased to know that both teams have been acknowledged within the pictures of this book.

  • Our. wonderful Mayor Joanne Anderson gave us permission to use her likeness on two of our picture spreads within the book. Thank you so much for your support

  • There are mindful exercises inside the pages, and wonderful facts of some of the challenges Bernie will face when rowing the Atlantic

Please, do buy a copy, and use the hashtag #BoatofHope to share your thoughts

Link to Amazon

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