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'My Mummy is a Monster' Limited edition flip book

'My Mummy is a Monster, Limited Edition Flipbook' is the first in the 'Monstrous Me' collection. It is a split perspective book, which looks at life from alternate viewpoints.


This book is a labour of love, staying true to the author's vision for layout and format, and perfectly preserving the original magic.


We start the book looking through our mini heroine's eyes, as she recounts the ups and downs of family life. Brushing teeth and hair, endless shopping trips, each time highlighting the reasons she believes her mummy to be a monster. (There is even an opportunity to draw your own Mummy Monster!)


At the midpoint, we literally and figuratively turn the story on its head, by closing the book and flipping it. This brings an extra level of interactiveness.


Once flipped, this hilarious double-covered storybook becomes, 'My Children are Monsters.' Here, we step into our mummy's shoes and look at the same scenarios, this time, from mum's point of view.


The humour is multilayered and fun for all the family, with themes most families will instantly recognise.

It leaves us begging the question, 'Who is the real monster?'


Finished the story?


Why not start over? This time watch out for the hidden objects in each picture.


And be sure to use your secret code to log into the website for free downloadable Monster Me activities.

'My Mummy is a Monster' Limited edition flip book

SKU: 0004
  • 'My Mummy is a Monster' (Limited Edition Flipbook) is a 32-pages hardback with 150gsm silk (spine: 9mm)The vibrant and characterful illustrations create the perfect backdrop for this witty, rhyming tale. Produced in the English language by Lollipop Lodge publishing. Ideal for children aged 3 to 7 years old.

    About the Author. Natalie Reeves Billing is a Liverpool lass with a wicked sense of humour. She writes fantastical stories for young audiences and dabbles in poetry and fiction. Natalie enjoys map making, pranking people, and munching on jelly beans. She lives in an old farmhouse in Merseyside with her husband, children, and fluffy dog, Scoobs.

    About the illustrator. Lisa Williams decided to be an illustrator while still in primary school. She has illustrated children's books and magazines for the past 25 years. Lisa is a qualified teacher, but since accreditation, her commercial work has been such that she hasn't yet found time to teach!

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