"Monstrous Me" Monster BLOX - Step by Step

Welcome to the, ‘Monstrous Me Collection’ a totally roarsome world of storytelling and papercraft fun. When you read a book from the ‘Monstrous Me Collection’ you’ll not only learn about monsters and their pesky ways, but bring them to life with your very own paper craft Monster Blox family.

Here is how! First, follow this link and ask a parent or guardian to help print out these fabulous free paper monster templates https://www.lollipoplodge.net/store (Scroll to bottom of page!)

You can choose between pre-coloured monster versions or black and white, (allowing you to design your own) A deluxe silk pack of Monster Blox is also available for £2.99 in store.


Cut around the monster shapes carefully. Some shapes are a bit tricky, so be sure to ask for help if needed. (Handy Tip- If the cutting is too fiddly, leaving a white space around the shapes, then ask an adult to finish. See above.)