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Lollipop Lodge Journal: In the Muddly Maze

Lollipop Lodge is a real place in Liverpool, and serves as the creative hub for children's author Natalie Reeves-Billing. In this series of journals, Natalie documents the everyday happenings at this magical place.


In these strange new times, I find it essential to tap into a more youthful, purer energy, and find a mind space that transcends our temporary boundaries.

Today, my daughter and I found that place in the Muddly Maze. Armed with a pair of binoculars and a camera to document our adventures, we headed out into the sun. Our mission? To fight the Windy Wind and the evil Gobblers who had taken control of our allotment. Allowing Ellie to take the lead, I was transported into the world of a six-year-old. Looking over the camera into her eyes, my daughter soon forgot all about the video phone, and let me into a place I hadn’t been for a long, long time.


A world where anything is possible and magic can be performed with sticks and leaves. By gestures and spell weaving. I made mental notes of the strange scenarios and characters that cropped up as we walked the fields. And as the sun began to fall, I felt a balance of heart and mind that I have seldom felt in recent years. There was purpose, innocence, creativity, and love. You can watch our adventures below!

Natalie x

Natalie Reeves-Billing is a Liverpool-based author with a focus on children's books. Follow us on Facebook for regular updates on her books and other projects.

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