Jen Parker of Fuzzy Flamingo

Today, #FriendBlogFriday #FBF welcomes Jen Parker of Fuzzy Flamingo PR.

Jen Parker is the owner, graphic designer and editor of Fuzzy Flamingo. With a

background in publishing, she specialises in book design and small business

branding, plus copyediting and proofreading for authors, publishers, bloggers and

businesses. Follow her on Facebook and Instagram (@fuzzyflamingodesign) for the

most up-to-date news, behind the scenes peeks and information. She is a book

lover, dog lover (particularly Doug the Shug, the Fuzzy Flamingo mascot) and enjoys

writing in her spare time.

Here, Jen talks about publishing choices and finding a route to market that suits

every pocket. Taking the next step from book completion to print can often be a

daunting process, that I know only too well, and here are some hints and tips to take

the fear out of navigating hose early day decisions.

Publishing Choices

You’ve written a book, the production is done (if you need help with cover design, typesetting and eBook formatting then get in touch: Contact Me) and you have a beautiful book ready and waiting to get out into the world. Now what?! There are a few different routes to becoming a published author (see To Traditionally Publish or to Self-Publish, that is the Question!) and one of the choices is to publish on Amazon’s KDP platform. So why choose this route? Here are a few reasons why it might suit you:

  1. You have a small budget and don’t want to shell out for printing up front. Do bear in mind, though, that the print cost for this method of printing is the highest per book (book printing is generally a scale of economy: the more copies you print, the lower the unit cost) and so you’ll need to factor this into the cover price you set. More on this below.

  2. You want to reach a wide audience. Amazon allows your book to be printed and shipped in many different countries.

  3. You want your book to get to market quickly. This was my reason for using KDP for ‘Escape Reality’ (a collection of short stories by 22 female authors: Escape Reality) because the majority of printers and distributors weren’t available during lockdown.

If you choose Amazon then there are a number of things you can do to improve how well you do in their rankings, possibly even hitting that sweet number one spot.