Handwriting, and its Role in the Modern World

Join Natalie as she discusses the Modern world and whether or not we are losing our love for penmanship? or more importantly if that really matters when creativity is the real goal.

Handwriting, and its Role in the Modern World

Handwriting has played a massive role in my life, ever since great aunt Hetty

taught me how to use pen and ink.

‘Handwriting says so much about people,’ she’d say, and she was absolutely

right. Those fluid little lines and swirls are the DNA of personality, as unique

as a fingerprint.

Those who know me well understand how deep my love for fine stationery

runs. I have an extensive collection of pens and quills and love to try them out

on various paper types. It's remarkable how different they all feel. Some pens

seem more suited for lists and order, others for scribbles and furious


As for writing style, I’m the slanting, spidery sort, joining everything together in

a sweeping cursive. When my hand moves fluently across a page, I feel total

focus, a genuine connection to what I am doing. It helps me uncover the

purpose behind the piece, unravelling and spilling out until I reduce the work

down to its basic elements. That is why for me, writing by hand is always the

first port of call when starting a body of work.

The Story of our Lives

I have a gazillion note pads. If I continue collecting at the current rate, I fear I'll

need a second home. In a state of what can only be described as compulsion,

I carefully find the correct notepad for each idea. I have dream diaries, To-do

books, ideas journals, project notebooks, picture pads, and even a positivity