#friendblogfriday - Katie Nicholas

Today, #FriendBlogFriday welcomes local singer and songwriting extraordinaire, Katie Nicholas, whom I have had the pleasure to know for many years, following her career through the ages, marvelling at her artistry and ability to put her hand to anything including art, poetry, and video editing. She’s got a face like an angel too, it’s not fair. Is there nothing this girl can’t do?

We hear from Katie about her inspirations for writing, and the solace found in poetry, along with some beautiful examples of her work.

Enjoy xx

The quieter and more competitive musings of Liverpool based songwriter Katie Nicholas.

Poetry has become a daily practice for me, an introspective therapy to decode my most subconscious feelings and my perception of life. I often feel I struggle articulate or display every facet of myself in the public arena as a performer, so I depend on poetry to ground me, explore the light and shade of my nature and to stay honest and unafraid.

I started writing in 2016 during a long phase of depression and stagnation in my life. I felt like a square peg in a round hole working in London at a job I didn’t love, and where I didn’t fit in. I hadn’t played music due to crippling doubts and anxieties, so I moved from writing lyrics to pouring out my emotions on the daily commute to work. It became such a relief - a safe space only for me. 

I enjoy the quiet of a poem - it’s like the night. Where during the day, the sun spotlights a jovial performer, laughing and entertaining… while in contrast, there’s a girl alone with her thoughts, reflecting with the moon. As a whole, I feel more balanced in who I am because of poetry.


(Life as vibration - each a song of infinite expressions)

Life, most Obviously a Waveform. each, a small sonder of music. where left to right moving a timeline along, bound by beginning to end. but all the while, Up and down ~ There’s depth and harmonic discourse. Poly-layers of life, the rit. and rall. fff Crashing cymbals of force! > if time is the container, { then a heart’s song is only content. } the story that floats on fortissimo tides, swims in woe for only so Long...