#FriendBlogFriday Jude Lennon

Today, #FriendBlogFriday welcomes a lady who needs no introductions. Jude Lennon, the storytelling, authoring, workshopping whizz who fills the shelves of many a Mersey home. Jude also happens to be a dear friend, and so it fills me with delight to include some of Jude’s work with you today. Come along, let’s chase the rainbow…

The Rainbow

The Rainbow pub with its minimalist Norwegian style decor was busy. Despite the owners' fears, it had been busy since the end of the Corona Crisis. The neighbourhood had flocked to a pub that bore the name of the Corona emblem of hope.

Things had changed though. Whereas before, the pub had been a traditional drinking establishment, now it was more of a Hub Pub. Various groups and activities took part from within its tastefully decorated walls. Each day brought a different meeting from Stitch and Bitch to the Historical Society. The outdoor space was fully utilised too with a community garden and a Repair Cafe running in one of the old storage sheds on a Wednesday morning. Fridays however remained the preserve of the arty and creative - the Young and Beautiful.

From lunchtime onward they would gather around shared platters of hummus, olives and breads and the inevitable craft ales or bottle of red. The uniform was strict - shoes and no socks with ankle skimming trousers for the men, Rockabilly and Vintage chic for the women.

When the smart but decidedly not young woman pushed through the door one Friday lunchtime, the conversation didn't exactly stop but a slight pause filled the air. The moment was covered by the clink of glasses on the bar and the door closed behind her. There was no going back now. She was in and committed.

Her white bob was crisp and her black jumper adorned by a statement brooch hinted that she had style. The barman looked up and asked what she'd like.

"I've come about the painting. The pub's sign."

Conversation on the nearest table stopped. The barman threw a look at one of the women in 1950's vintage with DM's who crossed to the bar.

"It's me you need to speak to. I'm Roz."