#FriendBlogFriday Cosi Doerfel Hill

This week #FriendBlogFriday welcomes Cosi Doerfel Hill, a lady I’ve known for many years, since my days of student living. Cosi runs, ‘The Octopus Project,’ a community group that provides fun, educational experiences, away from computer screens, for children of all ages, in outdoors spaces. Cosi is also involved in the, ‘In Limbo Project,’ which gives a voice to the 3.5 million EU citizens living in the UK post Brexit. Cosi is a fascinating and multi-talented woman, and I’m thrilled to have her with us today.

What I have been up to in Lockdown ?

We currently find ourselves in a novel and unusual situation, but this being a global “we” is also novel. Every country in the world has been affected by the current pandemic: my friends in Japan, Cameroon, Australia, the Caribbean and Brazil as well as my relatives in Germany and Italy now share this experience. The countries of course have not all responded in the same way and likewise the effects of quarantine and lockdown on each of us are quite different.

Even within my own family there are huge differences. I used to dream of home-schooling and was working from home for over twenty years until exactly a year ago when I started a ‘proper job’ for the first time in my life; working 9-5, Monday to Friday, in an office. I joked that I had managed to dodge that bullet for thirty years!

Over the last year I have struggled with balancing the full-time job with motherhood and all my other activities. So, for me, lockdown is in many ways easy. I literally was in the office one day and working from home the next. I have everything I need right here at home and for the last three months have only left the house once a week to go shopping for food. Yes, I miss some of my colleagues whom I don’t have occasion to regularly speak to via video call and have made a point of reaching out to the odd one here or there with a little email to say hi.

Some aspects of the work are different and we have to work harder to achieve less, but others are easier, and I certainly don’t miss the daily commute. And yet… be careful what you wish for… It’s not all plain sailing! It’s neither hard nor a hardship, but it is very challenging.

First of all, I still have not managed to organise my work space. For a year my office was used as a dumping ground and I have not found time to organise it as there is always too much to do.

Speaking of time: it just flies! A minute ago the cherry tree in my garden was in full bloom! The bluebells at my front door came and went unappreciated, as I only go out back into the garden now. It feels like yesterday that I was waiting for the blue tits to take up residence in the bird house, but they have nested, reared their young and flown the nest already.

Not only is work keeping me busy – my social media have exploded and there is so much on offer online that I want to take part in. On top of that, there is more to do in the household as we now all eat every meal at home and cook everything from scratch. This week, for my birthday, we had the first takeaway in twelve weeks and it’s not like the husband or kids are particularly good with tidying up and cleaning.