#friendblogfriday Claire Marie Quant

We are back with #friendblogfriday Please welcome the return of the wonderful Claire Marie Quant from Fizzy Peach PR. I think every parent out there will sympathise with the mental ups and downs of weathering a new, complex world while juggling little children. I applaud Claire for sharing this window into her world. Enjoy, and be sure to follow Claire Marie Quant, and share. Links at the bottom…

Hi there - I’m Claire Marie Quant, former journo turned PR type! I’m a mummy of seven-year-old twins, living in Wales, trying to gather a few musings about the world of parenthood, whilst building my online business @FizzyPeachPr and organising a hectic home-life. Oh, and trying to preserve my own sanity!

I believe we are all trying our best so if this blog connects with you and helps you to know you ‘aint on your own, then it’s done its’ job!

Decisions, doubts & Dilemnas

Do we, don’t we? I’ve been pondering this question since our government dropped an unexpected piece of news that took our small country quite by surprise. Whilst many of our friends, us included, had convinced ourselves that our kids would be at home until September, they said that within four weeks they could go back to school!

That means at the time of writing and in less than two weeks the children we have so lovingly nurtured at home and protected from the outside world, can walk back into their school environment.

Queue meltdown number two! I was working when I glanced at messenger “what do you think about the twins going back to school at the end of June?” The words made me feel physically sick. I felt panic engulf my body from my head down to my toes and within minutes the tears trickled down my sun-kissed cheeks. I don’t know whether they were tears of fear or tears of anger, but they just kept coming. This happened just as lunchtime approached and I had to be that mummy who has to get their ‘sh*t’ together and pretend that all is well in the world. Well actually it was. Our home life has and remains a little sanctuary – a bubble of us with our little ones. We had got into our routine of minimal home-schooling (don’t judge me), maximum playtime, where the sun shone at least 12 hours a day. Hubby is in work – I pick up the phone through panic and anxiety and try and tell him my fears. He is rational and approaches the world through different eyes to me. “If we don’t have to send them then we don’t have to send them,” he said. Simple as.