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Hello, and welcome to #FriendBlogFriday #FBF

It's the perfect opportunity to catch up with friends at the end of a busy week.

We have a fabulous schedule of writers and creatives, some of who are writing for the first

time. Sharing stories, musings, and everyday ups and downs.

In this safe space, I want to build a support network of readers and writers who raise each

other and celebrate the small stuff. Downloading our feelings from head to paper is a

powerful form of catharsis. One we all vitally need to protect our mental health. To be our

best selves.

We aren't shouting into the void anymore. We are together. Owning our feelings. This is our

chance to offload—a place for realisations. We aren’t the only ones feeling how we do. We

all have good and bad days on this Corona coaster.

It’s all part of being human. Let's celebrate that: our strength and our vulnerability.

What am I looking for?

I’m looking for snapshots of life through the pandemic. Stories, blogs, poems.

This could be around family, lifestyle, revelations, challenges, changes, mental health, or

even creative process. The only things to consider are…

  • It's family-friendly

  • Not political

  • Your own work

  • It has an element of hope and/or humour

How do I get involved?

Send me your edited work in a word document or provide a blog link to Please, include a short bio and your social media & website links and any pictures you would like to add. I will provide you with a Friday slot and a graphic to

share on social media.

What do I do next?

  • Use the #FriendBlogFriday #FBF hashtag on socials

  • Share other writer’s blogs and help build our platform interact and comment on other writer's posts

  • Connect with each other across social platforms

  • Recommend to others

  • Keep writing and sharing.

Tune in next week for our very first guest blogger, the beautiful and fabulously talented

children's author, Sarah Fountain of Designer Mum.

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