Collaboratively Creative' with Lisa Williams

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

Today, I talk about the beauty of collaboration and how it pushes us to higher and better things. I also look at how ideas grow and morph. I've included some archive images of ideas as they pass from seed to flower.

Ideas come from the strangest of places. When they arrive, you must hold onto them with both hands, lest they disappear into that magical void from whence they came.

It's not enough to have an idea. It’s essential, for sure. But only one of many small steps towards the concept.

An idea should be followed by the fattening process. Adding meat to the bones and putting it through its paces to see whether it has those hypothetical ‘legs’ we talk about. Is it a stand-alone idea? Does it have serial potential? Is it layered? Innovative? Interactive? Does it resemble something that came before? All important points to ponder at this stage.

I thrash my idea about a bit. Take it out of its comfort zone, talk it through with others, and bring it to life. And when I finally understand it, this pliable, glowing new thing, what do I do with it then?