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Our Mission & Values

Our vision is of a world where education is free and accessible for all children across the globe, regardless of learning barriers or socio-economic factors. We believe that social enterprise is our best chance of creating a fairer, kinder world.

Our mission is to achieve that through enriched reading and learning systems, using creativity and storytelling as a tool for healing, learning, and personal growth. We do this through:

  • creating unique, original and engaging content, and exploring stories from many contrasting points of view.

  • providing fun, inspiring, and interactive workshops using this content as a platform for debate.

  • combining storytelling with art and papercraft, by trying wherever possible to find tangible, real-world activities for children.

  • using small amounts of digital content to illustrate key points, all relating back and working in synergy with physical materials.

  • undertaking valuable research in primary schools, to understand the specific needs of children across the region. This creates relevant and necessary bodies of work.

  • allowing storytelling to take us on a journey of exploration, covering vital topics and themes in a concise, palatable way.

  • encouraging family time with pre-planned activities and multi-layered books, which parents and children alike can relate to.

We operate in line with our values which inform our decision-making and our approach:

  • bold

  • generous

  • open

  • collaborative

  • entrepreneurial


In short, we are the first step towards a lifetime love of reading, learning, and self-growth.

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