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Home of creativity and books that break the rules


Hello, little readers. Come inside and pull up a chair. 

You've arrived at Lollipop Lodge, home of cute furry monsters and magical creatures.

This is the place where creativity rules and cookies are King. 


Welcome one and all. 

Lollipop Lodge  – Creators of mindbogglingly awesome kid's books. 

Klare Rufo, Primary Advisor at Archdiocese

of Liverpool Primary School Improvement Trust (ALPSIT)

"This is such a wonderful idea! The book is so well written and the images are just gorgeous! I loved the surprise when we discovered the book flipped!! My little boy adores it. Can't wait for the rest of the collection."


Mummy and Me Magazine

"A Rhyming Revelation of the Monstrosities of Motherhood that is Flippin' Fantastic!"


Lisa Williams, Children's Illustrator

Natalie is bursting with creative ideas and enthusiasm. She has a wonderful, engaging and entertaining writing style - The Monster series are genius! They really help to teach children to see things from someone else’s point of view. Priceless!


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